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We are committed to keeping our pets safe and healthy, and after trying various products, we know we believe in the below products, and would do no less for our beloved pups. Pet food and pet products below. A full range of pet products down the page - for all pet needs, for hard-core active dogs, safety gear, arthritis and hip relief medication, pet insurance and more.

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Pet Tip of the Week - Brush your pets now - as the weather gets cooler, they will be shedding their winter fur and getting ready for heavier summer fur - if you live in a place with climate changes. Make sure to check for lumps or fleas or scabs as you brush - see if there is anything unusual and tell your vet about that. Keep feeding your pet decent food so his coat stays nice. If the coat is drab or flat-like, try to feed him a better diet, or if that doesn't work, ask your vet about it. This may be a symptom of something else.

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Pets Tips Blog.

Have you been bitten by a dog, and are waiting for a lawsuit or insurance payment?

Pet Health

Arthritis Relief for Your Pet
Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from Osteoarthritis. Broadly described by most veterinarians as DJD (degenerative joint disease), arthritis in pets is just as painful and debilitating as it is in humans. Below is a list of the different types of arthritis your pet may have. Syn-Flex treats each of these below types (with no side effects).
Osteoarthritis - Degenerative Joint Disease - Hip Dysplasia - Elbow (dysplasia) - Knee (dysplasia) - Knee (stifle joint) - Osteochondrosis - Hypertrophic arthritis - Shoulder (degeneration) - Wrist Arthritis (carpi) - Kneecap (dislocation)
***You can also check out human arthritis help from Syn-Flex site.

Frontline & Medications for Pets

More Pet Links Below: (accessories & supplies for all types of pets: carriers, dog doors, leads, harnesses, muzzles, backpacks, toys, collars, grooming items, clothes, dental items, aquariums and supplies, and more)

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=> Give your pets positive reinforcement - so they will want to do what makes you happy with them

=> Brush your dog's teeth at least twice a week - use a toothpaste for dogs - there are harmful ingredients for dogs in human toothpaste - put some toothpaste on the brush and let the dog lick it off to get used to it

=> Take your pets to the vet for regular check-ups, and keep their shots up to date

=> Make sure your dog/cat is legally licensed and registered in your county and/or city. Get an ID tag, and put in a microchip ID if you can afford it - many shelters and stores will do this for you at no charge when you get your dog from the facility. Have current rabies tags on as well. Keep all this on a collar on the animal. If your dog gets lost, people can refer to the tags and find a way to get hold of you. This happened recently to us - the puppy ran off several times, being unfamiliar to the new house and area, but the times we didn't know he had gone, the people who found him and called the old animal control number and the rabies tag was the way they found us. We hadn't had a chance to get new tags or ID for him yet, but be assured he's up to date now!

=> Keep your birds away from the kitchen - some odors can litterally kill them. When cooking with Teflon, for instance, the fumes from the pan can be deadly to birds.

=> For a quick food for your dog, in case you run out of food - boil some rice and add some meat and fruits or veggies - see what's in your fridge. Don't use corn, but broccoli is good, beans, blueberries, etc. Don't give onion, garlic, grapes, macadamia nuts, or raisins to your dog. These, along with chocolate, can cause harmful effects to your dog, even so bad as to kill him. Stay away from lots of fat as well - it can cause severe inflammation.

=> Have a puppy? They love to be wild, play hard, chew and all. We found a great "toy" for our puppy and he can spend an hour at a time with it - and it's cheap! Get a 3 liter soda bottle and empty it, then screw the cap back on - it rolls in a wind or with any push. The puppy loves to try to pounce it or catch it, but he can't catch it until his mouth gets much bigger than the bottle. He can't grasp his teeth on pretty much any part of the bottle - the air inside won't let it collapse. He just jumps it, rolls over it, bats it (and it goes rolling away or flipping up), chases it and barks at it. What a great pastime! Be sure to remove all of the labeling before letting him play - so he won't try to eat it or choke. When it does get a break, throw it away (recycle it) so he doesn't figure out how to chew it apart or eat it - keep an eye on him while he plays with it.

=> Find a dog food that does not contain corn or cornmeal (corn gluten appears to be ok) - that is a major ingredient in most dry dog foods - but corn is not useful in a dog's diet, and not really digested - just eliminated as waste. Why spend money buying food that is not food to a dog? Why buy food that makes you have to scoop more poop?

=> Make sure to punish your pet at the same time he misbehaves - he doesn't process old information. If she pees on the floor - you need to catch her as she does it and say "no" at the same time you put her outside - then when she finishes peeing outside, say "good." Don't find the pee later and stick the pet's face in it and say "no" - it is already forgotten about and the poor pet doesn't understand you.

=> Make sure to be consistent with your pets. Use the same command and preferably the same tone of voice when talking to them. Make the commands simple, like "out" or "back" or "room" to go to a certain area. Use the same word each time, and encourage others to do so. They will soon understand what you mean, and will do it willingly, to please you. Dogs are especially receptive to tones and words.

=> If you want less stools to clean up from your dog(s), then you should feed your pet a premium type of dog food or cat food. The cheap ones just pass through and have a lot of matter that cannot be digested - you are actually paying more for the waste product than if you pay more for pet food that is more digestible. Your dog and/or cat will be healthier and happier, too. Our finicky eater dog will eat nothing else, and her health came back to normal. We thought she had a digestive defect but once she started on her super premium all natural food, she gained weight and began to eat normally.

=> If your dog is sick or older, and having accidents, not in control of his/her bowels and/or bladder, or is having a "period" with messy bleeding, you might benefit from doggy diapers. They aren't necessarily easy to find, or economically priced, so you can make your own. Get some of the products for elderly or bladder-problem people from the local department store, or even diapers for babies see which size seems more compatible for your dog. We got the small adult sized ones for my 65 pound dog. Then just cut a tail hole in the "diaper" and tape it on. Less household mess but more daily cleansing needed for the dog.

=> Make sure to keep identification on your pets, in case they ever get away. Take them on walks in your neighborhood so they will recognize it - in case they get away, they will know how to get back.

=> NEVER leave your pets locked up in the car while you go somewhere - it takes only minutes for the temperature to climb to deadly levels. If you must, make sure to crack open at least two windows for air circulation, park in the shade, make sure there is water for your pet - and be gone for ONLY a couple of minutes. (I know the intent may be good to be gone for a couple of minutes, but sometimes it ends up being longer - at least the pet has a chance of being ok if there is moving air and water.) The same goes for children - NEVER leave anyone - person or pet - in a closed up car.

=> If you have a fussy eater in your pet, try different types of nutritious pet foods (don't give leftovers as you will spoil the pet and it might refuse to try pet food), and feed it small amounts frequently during the day, with personal attention, encouraging the pet to eat. You might flavor it a little more with broth to help.

=> Use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT on your pet - praise and give treats when the pet does the right thing. Don't scold, and don't scold often. It is more effective. If the pet knows more love from you, and wants the praise and affection, he/she will be more hurt when scolded, and it will not want to hear that tone of your voice. You won't even need to "spank" the pet - your voice will be plenty sufficient.

=> Your dog's teeth need to be brushed, so you should brush them yourself (yes, there are dog toothbrushes and toothpaste which isn't harmful), have your vet do an occasional cleaning, or give the dog lots of hard chew toys and rope, plus chew hooves or other hard treats to chew on. The rope and hard treats work through the teeth, grinding off plaque with the hard bits that are abrasive, and the rope can work like floss if played hard with. Dogs can have teeth problems just as we do, especially if you give them leftovers from dinner - there is sugar in the foods we eat.

=> If you keep your dogs in a backyard and work away from home - consider putting a lock on the gate. Curious kids and malicious people are known to open gates to either check out your dog or to purposely let the dog out. This happened to my dog below and he was hit by a car, ran to hide, was chased by the humane society someone had called in, and was both severly injured and traumatized. The cost was huge to care for him. After that we put locks on the gate and it's been a huge relief.

=> To easily teach your dog to catch things from the air, or to want to catch a ball or frisbee in flight, start with having him try to catch popped popcorn (perhaps flavor it if he's not a popcorn fan) - it floats slower and gives him time to figure out how to catch it. Do not feed him much, though, since corn is not good for a dog's diet.

=> During this holiday season, refrain from giving chocolate to your dogs and pets. It can be quite toxic, if the dog has enough of it. In any case, it's not healthy, it's bad for teeth, and it encourages a love of sweets.

=>Pet Tips Continued Here.

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