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Do you know how many toxins there are in our everyday lives? From the air being polluted to the food we eat and to the products we use being processed (full of preservatives)? Many of our goods are loaded with cheap, ineffective fillers that can cause more harm than good - not to mention you are paying for absolute junk in the products. Examples - petroleum by-products in lotions, cosmetics, soaps - corn in dog food (dogs do not digest corn), toxins in the food supply.

How to counteract the effects?
One - don't buy or use the products that are in question, or have questionable ingredients.
Two - use non-toxic, organic and fresh alternatives that can help you flush out the bad stuff.
Three - put back into your body that which is good and useful.
Four - help the environment. Less waste and pollution, more careful use of resources.

Below are safe, non toxic solutions for self care and solutions to problems. Find out how to keep yourself young in body and mind, slow down aging. Stay active and fit. Be healthy and happy in what you do, and find out how to succeed.

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TOXINS Are Everywhere! In Your Bathroom! On Your Hair & Skin! Beware! DON'T Use Harmful, Toxic Products on Your Family!

See which EVERYDAY ingredients are causing harm!
Do you know some toxic ingredients in products can seep through the head and skin, potentially damaging the brain and other internal parts within the body? Do you know some ingredients cause harm to the eyes? Do you know that the "mild, gentle" BABY products that are readily available contain some of these potentially harmful ingredients? Do you know some of these ingredients can potentially set up a cause for CANCER? Do you know that cosmetics are unregulated and contain harmful ingredients that can cause harm? Do you know some of the ingredients are the SAME as used in ENGINE DEGREASERS and ANTIFREEZE???

Don't put poisons or carcinogens on your kids, your self, your family!

Here are some potentially harmful ingredients in many common personal products:
DEET, alcohol, alpha hydroxy acid, aluminum, bar soap, bentonite or kaolin, collagen and elastin, DEA, fluoride, glycerine, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate (sls), talc, among others.

What is wrong with the above ingredients?
Some of the above ingredients are just cheap petroleum product based fillers, some are the same as used in engine degreasers and antifreeze, another linked to Alzheimer's disease, some may suffocate the skin's breathing surface, some dry up the skin and help in aging the skin, others may cause harm on the eyes or seeping into the brain, among other potential problems. We advocate SAFE products for everyone - especially for children and babies.

Here is information on Cancer.
For information on CANCER IN KIDS and chemicals that cause harm in kids, click here. Even Ted Kennedy wrote a statement on toxins in cosmetics - it is a concern. Check out a good food diet regime for fighting cancer.

Eat healthy foods!
Ok - you may not really understand the implication of food here - but junk food is bad for you on so many levels. Recommendation is to eat more produce than anything, and organic when you can (there are sales even on organic). Grains are good if not refined (and there is compelling argument that the wheat of today has been altered to the point people's systems are rejecting it - so try to use organic ancient type grains). Dairy and meat are not as necessary - just get protein from some source, and B12 vitamin. Stay away from packaged foods as much as you can!

With the invention of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods - there has been more illness and very good correlation suggesting it can be due to effects of GMO foods. Primary crops are corn, soy, canola and cotton (also sugar beets, alfalfa, and Hawaiian papaya). Corn is used in most packaged and fast foods - look for high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients and it's pretty certainly from GMO corn. GMO crops are made to withstand, in particular, applications of Roundup (which kills other plants and weeds but not the GMO one - so it's sprayed with Roundup galore). GMO crops are also made to burst insect organs if eaten - not enough testing over years has shown what it can do to humans who eat the GMO products. There is lab testing of rats - and they did have severe health and early death issues. The non organic crops are also loaded with pesticides - so try to buy organic when you can.

For livestock - if not grass fed, the animals are fed GMO corn (not a normal food they would eat). Without access to pasture, there is no way meat can pick up vitamin B12 which lives in fungus in fields. The nutritional content of meat is altered and one cannot any longer get the same nutrition, but you do pick up the GMO from their diet. Choose grass fed, organic meat, or hunted meat. Farm raised fish have similar issues - they are also fed GMO corn, and not able to have the conditions they need to gain proper nutrition and pass that to us. Wild fish is best.

Find out about safe Dental Care

The earth has only limited resources, and we have been wasteful about them. The land has been stripped of nutrients and our food no longer has the nutritional value it once did. People are getting sick and contracting cancer earlier and in higher numbers. Aging of the skin is premature. Pollution runs rampant. Exercise is replaced with remote controls, TVs and computers (to live life through), and easier ways to do things. Pesticides are in our food sources.

Take control of your life and do what you can to get the proper exercise, personal care, mind control and nutrition (without toxins) you are entitled to in life.

Think Green! Care About the Earth and Nature

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