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This site provides information to help you make better decisions about your health. I'll keep adding more information and product recommendations as thoughts and use come up.

Remember that everyone is different - what affects one person may not affect another. What someone accumulates in his or her system may affect him but not someone else. What may cause leukemia in some children may not cause it in others.

I'm just trying to give people the best shot at keeping and getting healthy - because by and large, our country has more sickness, cancer, gut issues, brain issues, illnesses than ever before. The same issues are not as prevalent in other countries, so it's something going on here. I'm looking at changes that have been happening in the more recent years, since the prevalence of these health and mental issues. I'm studying and paying attention. I have seen family and friends suffering with these issues. I haven't been affected, but I have been doing my best to do avoid doing and eating what the public largely does. I believe people can make changes that will help turn their health issues around, if started before issues get very set in.

I've noticed that is I do stray into the SAD diet of this country, which may happen if I eat out or when someone else prepares food, that I actually feel sick, and may get sick. This may be nausea, stomach issues, headaches and such. All it takes is a variance of one day's meal.

Stay tuned - I'll continue my observations and recommendations.

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