Do Better & Stay Healthy! Self Care Suggestions For a Better You!

Do Better & Stay Healthy! Self Care Suggestions For a Better You!

Do Better & Stay Healthy! Self Care Suggestions For a Better You!Do Better & Stay Healthy! Self Care Suggestions For a Better You!Do Better & Stay Healthy! Self Care Suggestions For a Better You!

Our health matters. Do and use things for A Better Life.

About Us and Why We Want to Educate You

Everything about this site has to do with your health and my health. I am providing recommendations for things to do and use to help our health track. I want our society to get back on track with mental and physical health. My blog has become a way of life for me - and has worked well for me and my family,

This site provides information and ways to help you make better decisions about your health and more. I'll keep adding more healthy information and product recommendations as thoughts and uses come up. 

Remember that everyone is different - what affects one person's health may not affect another's. What someone accumulates in his or her system may affect him but not someone else. What may cause leukemia in some children may not cause it in others. I'm just trying to give people the best shot at keeping and getting healthy - because by and large, our country has more sickness, cancer, gut issues, brain issues, and illnesses than ever before.  


In no way am I suggesting that what I do works for everyone - I am giving options to try, without being over the top. I believe in a holistic life, and it keeps me healthy and youthful. Everyone is different, and you should pick and choose pieces of what works for you. Don't rely on commercials, "health gurus" and such - they all get it wrong, so many times - often just to make a buck for them. I usually make sure to avoid something that has a commercial - spending money to push a product, where that money could go toward making the product better.

By the way, my research is deep - not looking for my own spin but for truth. You can search the Internet for anything and find contradictory studies. Many times, you can see that a study is slanted or short term - to help the monetary bottom line of a company. These are usually not the best studies. Use common sense and think of how people used to be healthy and take care of themselves without Big Pharma. What has changed? The food sources, pollution, toxins, automation so less activity, drugs and more. Think to better days and better ways - and realize what's wrong now. 

These things that I've learned and implemented are what is working for me and my family. My research shows that I am not unjustified with what I do - but as with any advice, cater it to meet your own needs. Don't take anything as an answer to be able to avoid doctor care. Many actions can help heal so that a doctor isn't needed, but if you are not improving, or in any distress - stop and see a doctor. Anyone can be allergic or sensitive to foods and medications. Anyone can become allergic to something at any point. Anyone can have toxic effects by ingesting too much of something daily - even water, or kale. There are alternatives to try.


The same issues are not as prevalent in other countries, so it's something going on here in the US. I'm looking at changes that have been happening in the more recent years, since the prevalence of these health and mental issues. I'm studying and paying attention. I have seen family and friends suffering with these issues. I haven't been affected, but I have been doing my best to do avoid doing and eating what the public largely does. I believe people can make changes that will help turn their health issues around, if started before issues get very set in.

A Better Life began as a way to help people live more healthy lives - by example of what I've been doing and showing the results of my research. You can eat healthy and still have great flavor in foods. You can find fun ways to be active, so it doesn't seem like a chore. You can do things to help your life and not let this day's issues catch up to you - like forms of cancer, or arthritis inhibiting you, or inflammation making you miserable, or feeling sick every day. If you change the ways you do things, it's not hard to get in great shape and hopefully reverse conditions before they take hold of you. You can also learn to live with "a new normal" - learn ways to cope. We also show how to streamline things you might normally do - plus faster, more efficient ways to do every day and occasional things.

I've noticed that if I do stray into the SAD (Standard American Diet - of fast and junk and sugary foods) diet of this country, which may happen if I eat out or when someone else prepares food - I tend to feel sick, or may get sick when I am not careful. This may cause nausea, stomach issues, headaches and such. All it takes is a variance of one day's meal. Stay tuned - I'll continue my observations and recommendations.

I've lost weight, became toned, gotten my memory back, cleared my skin, diminished wrinkles, gray hair actually coming back in with color, and I have great doctor reports. I have improved my health greatly. I can help you see how to help yourself.

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