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Double ii's Services (A Better Life) began in 1996 and we've served many satisfied clients and customers. We shift our services and offers with the change in the economy and work hard to please. We try to satisfy. For our services, we work hard for you and you decide if we are doing the job you want. We focus on providing funding for people who need it, and also offer other healthy products and services at a savings to the customer.

My commitment to health began when in college in Boulder. I learned about foods and ways to de-stress naturally. I became even more conscientious when I had a daughter - she became a priority for me to keep healthy. I have kept the progress of myself in healthy ways, trying even more natural paths. My now grown daughter tells me I have influenced her food choices and she tried to eat better. My husband is fully on board as well. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, goes the saying - that and other foods I will pass on to you.

A Better Life began as a way to help people live more healthy lives - by example of what I've been doing and showing the results of my research. You can eat healthy and still have great flavor in foods. You can find fun ways to be active so it doesn't seem like a chore. You can do things to help your life and not let this day's issues catch up to you - like forms of cancer, or arthritis inhibiting you, or inflammation making you miserable. If you change ways you do things, it's not hard to get in great shape and hopefully reverse conditions before they take hold of you. We also show how to streamline things you might normally do. Faster, more efficient ways to do every day and occasional things.

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