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Volunteer and Take Classes

Want to Get More Enriched by The Word?

 If you just go to church once a week or less and feel like you are doing a good job as a Christian - think within your heart and see if you can truly feel what it means to be Christian. Do you do anything for your church (other than perhaps a small offering or tithe)? Do you do anything with the other people? Do you help when asked (even if the asking is going to many people)? Do you do anything other than that which you enjoy? Do you help others enjoy, and do things for the sake of Jesus?
I see people in our church who never go to classes, never talk about Christian topics, never volunteer at anything that resembles "God's work" - just easy stuff they enjoy but don't really think on a Christian level about them. They act important, but never read the Bible. They don't understand what being Christian means. It is sad for me to see them massaging the Christianity they proclaim into exactly what it does for them. No sacrifice, no understanding of the Word. They seem to think they don't need God - unless something goes wrong.

Get involved in your church. Help with church work and take classes (immensely helpful for understanding the Bible). Join a study group and discuss the Bible. Talk about Jesus, talk about how He affects your life. How He protects you and comforts you. Perhaps you haven't gotten to know Jesus yet - see what you can find out about Him and His life and teachings and when you study long enough, you'll know Him - He's inside of you if you unlock that part of yourself.

When you get more active in church and with the congregation, you'll be so much more enlightened and become happy. You'll be able to find people with similar interest and start letting others know you are in a good place in your life. Being a Christian can be infectious - go infect others and get them to want to be involved!  

Dive into the Bible!
Dive into the Bible!